Greetings from the President

(재)한국삽살개재단 이사장 하지홍


Thank you for visiting the Korean Sapsaree Foundation website. Sapsarees, which were once believed to drive away evil spirits, earned its place as Korea's representative native dog as they share the joy and sorrow of our Korean ancestors during the post-Silla Unification Era (5-6th century). Under the Japanese occupation of Korea, Sapsarees became nearly extinct from a mass slaughter policy by Japan, which resulted in brutal killing of hundreds of thousands of Sapsarees in Korea. However, with persistent effort to preserve the breed since 1960s by professors of Kyungpook National University's Agricultural Department, Sapsarees were revived and recognized as Korea's National Monument No. 368 in 1992. For proper management of the pedigree, the Korean Sapsaree Foundation was established, which has developed a scientific pedigree database that provides the best pedigree management services including application of microchip and genetic fingerprinting for identification. The Foundation is also making effort to promote the awareness and share Korean history and culture through Sapsarees globally. The Foundation continues to build cooperation with national and international organizations in assisting the handicapped and other neglected classes of society with Sapsarees as therapy dogs. Today, there are about 3,000 Sapsarees living in Korea with 2,500 being raised and cared by the citizens of Korea. I hope this website encourages Sapsaree families and dog lovers to freely communicate and exchange ideas with one another on our precious canine life companions.