Visions for Breed

Fixation of Sapsaree pedigree and the necessary modernization work are interesting and valuable tasks that involve application of advanced genetic and breeding research techniques along with archaic literature investigation. Not only is the original form of Sapsarees regarding their shape and temperament found in old paintings and historical records, a breeding index is being formulated based on the physical appearance, shape, and inner temperament characteristics of present-day Sapsarees, of which nearly 500 are lab-breed and nearly 2500 are raised by Sapsaree lovers around the nation. Among the 500 and 2500 dogs being raised by the lab and foundation members, respectively, many possess good characters. On the intellectual side, Sapsarees are just as smart as the Shepherds as they possess great ability to learn and be trained. Sapsarees are also very large and attractive, much like a lion. Sapsarees are affectionate dogs that show a lot of love to their master. There are many talented Sapsarees among those that are specially used as watchdogs, guide-dogs, and therapy dogs. Currently, there are hardly any famous breed where every dog possesses good characteristics. The most important goal of breeding is to produce as many superior dogs of the pertinent breed as possible. Instead of hastily weeding out the inferior dogs, careful observation is carried out to figure out the cause and reasons behind the peculiar symptom or condition. In the second step, the goal is to consistently create Sapsarees whose pedigree is well-fixed and whose genetic traits do not easily segregate by choosing a well-rounded dog from a famous breed and performing a planned-mating. Another work that is just as important as creating an excellent breed is removing undesirable genes within the pertinent breed group as quickly as possible. Depending on the dog's usage and the breeder's perspective and standards, the definition of good and bad genes changes. In the case of Korean Sapsaree Foundation, the ultimate breeding goal is to turn Sapsarees into good companion dogs. Sapsarees have been together with our ancestors for at least a thousand years since the Silla period and have been reared as a good family companion as well as the nation's indigenous dog. The dog breed that is desired by the present society which is heavily industrialized, information-centered, and family-centered, is a companion dog that can share love with the family. In this era, which is being dominated by the overwhelming forces of science and technology, the world needs a companion dog or a family dog that can show love like a real friend. According to the breeding experience of Sapsarees, there are many Sapsarees within the group that possess characteristics of a hunting dog (after several Sapsarees were used for hunting wild boars, it was once concluded that there were many Sapsarees fit for hunting wild boars). Some military-dog trainers, after having seen Sapsarees train, have testified that Sapsarees can make good combat dogs or security dogs. Few are thought to even have proper talents needed to become special-purpose dogs such as drug-inspection dogs. That work is left for the future Sapsaree lovers and breeders to complete. With artist's appreciation for beauty, strict scientific mind, and breeders' perseverance, along with numerous dog owners who look at dogs with love and appreciation, it is certain that Sapsarees will become a world-class dog. Although presently just an ore covered with dirt and mites, Sapsarees are gifted in many ways and are surely a treasure within their muddy cover.