Sapsaree Introduction

Standard Description

General Appearance

Sapsarees are mid-size dogs with long hair and gentle and amiable look. Sapsarees have an overall shaggy look with long hair that covers their entire body. With their head covered with hair, Sapsarees remind people of a lion and they are sometimes called "lion dog."


Group Sex Height Weight
korean dog Male 52~60 24~32
Bitch 50~58 18~26

Head and Skull

The skull is broad and slightly globular. The muzzle may appear short with hair, but it is actually appropriately long.

  • Eyes

    Eyes are large and rounded eyes with colors ranging from light brown to dark brown.

  • Nose

    Nose is appropriately big, dark, and glossy. Nose is perhaps one of Sapsaree's most attractive features. The reddish-brown (chocolate color) Sapsarees have light brown nose.

  • Mouth

    Lips have definite contour with the upper lip covering the lower lip. Teeth are white and robust with large scissors teeth.

  • Ears

    Ears are floppy and droop on both sides of their head.


Sapsarees generally have rounded head with long muzzle and long neck, standing upright on four strong legs, with straight back, well-developed chest and long tail. Sapsarees long and shaggy hair makes them appear much larger than their actual size.


Neck is thick, strong, and appropriately long. Long hair around the neck often remind people of lion's mane.


The legs are strong and upright with well-balanced shoulders, with fore-legs standing perpendicular to the ground. Muscles in hind-legs are well-developed and thigh is flat and wide with an appropriate angle. In the calf-region, heel is appropriately inclined to allow smooth and natural movement. Sapsarees usually have large paws.


The base of a foot is thick and hard to endure long walks and activities.


During activity, tail may be straight, curled or in a ring shape. Tail hair is appropriately long. A drooping tail can also be seen.


Sapsarees perhaps appear bulky and inactive with long hair, but they are actually very agile and have good reflexes. When walking at a slow pace, fore-legs extend lightly and the hind-legs follow the footprints. When walking at a fast pace, legs alternate and move quickly for a fast movement. It is quite scenery to see Sapsarees running with their hair fluttering and their eyes seen.


Undercoat is short, soft, and dense. Outercoat is long, thick, and usually straight, semi-curly, or curly.


Main colors for Yellow Sapsarees are light yellow, dark yellow, deep yellow, and golden-yellow. Main colors for Blue Sapsarees are black and tan, all black, and blue black. Other rare colors are white, chocolate, and spotty.


Strong health is an authentic evidence that Sapsaree is an indigenous breed. Sapsarees rarely catch a cold after sleeping outside on a cold winter night. Their fur effectively blocks UV from the sun to endure high temperature in summer.